Hotel Five Senses Plus One

You need a well-deserved break – a carefree moment just for yourself. Hotel Ponti & Ponti, with its warm welcome and the serenity of Lake Maggiore, offers you the opportunity, even for a brief visit.

A relaxing scene opens before you. You will be sorrounded by the colours of the picturesque hills and the green of the Bruschera Oasis, a rare natural reserve renowned as a nesting place for numerous species of migratory birds which can beobserved in the morning directly from the balcony of your Suite. You will find yourself in the midst of a historic village, far from the sound of traffic, where deep and refreshing sleep awaits you.

There will be no need to use your car; instead, allow yourself to be transported on the calm waters of our Lake for unforgettable boat trips, alternating with a stroll or a bicycle ride to rediscover the beauty of nature.

Tempting aromas and tastes from the pastry shop await you in our elegant, panoramic Breakfast Room. In the Wellness Centre you will be immersed in the parfume of citrus fruit, caressed by hydromassage, purified by the Turkish bath and toned by massage. This will be a pleasant interlude for all your five senses. The sixth sense, that of physical and spiritual wellbeing, you will have already attained on arrival at our hotel.


An Experience to be Lived

Hotel Ponti & Ponti is one of the mainstays of the Gruppo le Nuuove Pietre d’Angera (the New Stones of Angera Group) which was founded in 2010 to promote a new, dynamic development of tourism in order to exploit the great potential of Angera.

The necessity for modern and welcoming accommodation called for the creation of new and efficient structures. The Group therefore undertook to invest in the restoration project of two previously acquired adjoining buildings along the lakeside.

Another objective of the planners was a commitment to conservation and respect for the environment, an important characteristic of the Angera area. A complex, geothermal plants was installed, using efficient Viessman heating pumps and photovoltaic panles. This unique system, centralised and eco-sustainable, serves all the new activities carried out by the Group Nuove Pietre d’Angera in the area.