Events from April 25th 'till May 1st

Like every year, the Easter holidays bring many events to our Lake Maggiore: from one bank to the other, different cities will offer activities ranging from art to nature, from crafts to games to live in the family.
At our reception you will find all the useful information for your trips outdoors: together with the vouchers to visit the Borromean Islands, you will receive boat timetables and details on the different navigation routes; and if you are particularly adventurous you can also find out how to rent a boat or a bicycle for you!

Book from us and you will be comfortable to participate in the following events.
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Here is the agenda for this end of the month:

Lombard shore

• Extraordinary Spring Market
Thursday 25.04 there will be a market all day long on our lakefront, right at our door!

• Flowers, Arts and Ancient Crafts
On 4 and 5 May, the Municipality together with the Merchants Committee, will organize a representation of the ancient open-air trades in the historic center of Angera, behind our hotel.
On these days you can relive the traditions of the past, such as the shoe shine, the washerwoman, the grinder, the blacksmith ... All acted by our local artisans!
Saturday there will also be a market with KM0 products and nursery gardeners.

• Birdwatching and Pedalarcultura "19
Wednesday 1 May from 10am to 5pm, just a few KM from our door, you can embark on an adventure in the midst of our woods and on our shores, in the spirit of outdoor sports and, with a little luck, you can admire the fauna that populates these places.

Piedmontese shore

• The Vela Go Amateur Sports Association opens, from 1.04 to 30.06, a sports project that will bring you closer to various sports and aquatic activities.
Where is it? "Giovanni XXIII" Comprehensive Institute of Arona, Via Monte Rosa

Palacongressi Salina (in Corso Repubblica n54)
- Exhibition "Pieces of Wood" by Stefano Diana. The exhibition will be visible from 1.04 to 27.04 at the Sala Palacongressi.
Hours: 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm and 11.00 pm - 12.00 am

 - "Primavera in Musica" Concert by Lorenzo Bevacqua (Martucci Piano Award of Novara)
Saturday 27.04 at 21.00 will be on stage a varied, challenging and high-impact program that goes from Schumann and Liszt to Stravinsky's Three Movements from Petrushka, of enormous commitment and with phantasmagoric sounds.
Full price ticket: € 15
Reduced € 12 (Reductions are for students up to 18 years, adults over 65, UNI3 Arona members, Pro Loco of Arona, the Court of the Goose, Associations (with groups of at least 8 people)).
Information and pre-sale: Hotel Antares, Via Gramsci 9. Tel. 0322-243438.

• Easter and surroundings at the Cultural Park
The garden of the Villa Faraggiana Chalet area (Meina Museum) offers you an interactive, educational and literary journey with a focus on nature, every weekend from 20.04. to 1.05 scheduled from 15.00 to 18.00. This game-show is particularly suitable for families, especially for children aged 7 and up, and children of all ages: different activities can please all participants with different interpretations.
In "Vox Horti", for example, stories and visions will suddenly plunge you into a world of holograms, architectural projections, plays of lights and sounds, labyrinths. The itinerary, with a compelling formula, narrates in various stages, nature in all its forms through artistic, scientific, literary, historical and intriguing multimedia games.

Do not miss the passage in the Ancient Greenhouses of the Villa, which date from the late 1800s: you will find an exhibition of flowers, plants and essences of the territory.
A particular path is dedicated to the little ones with an interactive fairy tale that helps to recognize the essences: decode the Qr-Code thanks to your smartphone (we suggest you to install an app to read the codes) that will make videos appear on the device with animations for a fun treasure hunt.
The Museum also has a kids area to color fish and other aquatic creatures that will then "magically" come alive, animating and swimming in a large virtual lake.
(The activities will take place even with bad weather)

Special openings: 25.04, 27.04, 28.04, 01.05
Info: 0321 231655
Price: € 8 per person, with reduction for families.

Grand Gala of the Operetta
Wednesday 24.04 at 21.00 at the Palazzo dei Congressi: the most famous pieces of the operetta genre will be proposed by the Compagnia del Bel Canto.

"Taches de Couleur"
Walking along the lakeside of Stresa, near the public gardens from 10am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm, you will find extemporary painting works, composed in Plein Air, and exhibited by the students of the Academy of Arts in Milan.

Discover the islands

With the spring on our doorstep and the openings of the most famous places and attractions to visit on Lake Maggiore, we can only suggest a fantastic tour of the Borromeo Islands.

Starting from Angera, you can embark with the Navigazione del Lago Maggiore boats every hour and reach the 3 most important islands: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Other ferries leave from Laveno and Arona with various connections from Intra.

You can buy tickets with various options and packages and use them by October 20th when the islands close their doors to visitors from all over the world.
After some information, let's start discovering the islands!

Isola Bella, together with Isola Madre, are owned by the Borromeo family, known feudatories with estates scattered throughout the area. The island is dominated by the Baroque Palazzo Borromeo, whose construction began in 1630 at the behest of Count Vitaliano VI Borromeo. Tickets to visit the building and the annexed garden cost € 16 per person. The price is worth the visit because the Italian Garden is known all over the world. The main core consists of theTeatro Massimo, composed of ten stone terraces raised to form a pyramid. From the last terrace of the Teatro Massimo you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore and the town of Stresa.

Have patience with the ferries, sometimes they could delay for the influx of people who come to visit the islands every year, but you will be rewarded with the splendor of the palaces, well-kept gardens and restaurants.

Isola Madre is known all over the world for its immense Botanical Garden which hosts rare and exotic plant species from all over the world. At first an orchard was created, then an olive grove and again a citrus grove, until it became an English garden at the beginning of the nineteenth century that houses centuries-old plants and rare collections of rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas, magnolias, wisterias and Bougainvilleas, whose growth it is favored by the presence of a mild climate. In addition to the rich vegetation, the island also hosts a friendly fauna of oriental birds such as white and blue peacocks, golden pheasants and wild parrots. In the garden there is also the ancient Palazzo Borromeo from the 16th century, which houses the prestigious family furnishings and the family chapel. If you are lucky, you can watch some peacocks.

The Isola Superiore or dei Pescatori is the only one of the three to be permanently inhabited by a small community. Its name derives from the fact that in the past fishermen's families lived here fishing. The island is in fact dominated by a village with multi-storey houses with long balconies where once the fish was dried. Lake fish is highly sought after: it is one of the typical specialties of Lake Maggiore cuisine and fills the tables of most local restaurants. You can't come to Lake Maggiore and don't taste fresh fish based recipes. The island still has its community of local fishermen but in addition to fishing it lives mainly on tourism because it offers restaurants and bars where it is possible to eat and, in the northernmost part, there is ample space for access to the lake with sand and lawn. Precisely for this reason, on Sundays and holidays, the island is assaulted not only by tourists but also by locals.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to organize your day at the islands without ferry delays, crowding them and not staying at their scheduled times, you can find here at Hotel Ponti & Ponti a more advantageous solution, renting the boat with captain, which based on your requests, will satisfy you. So, you can admire one of the fantastic sunsets on one of the Islands, even better if that of the Fishermen, so as to dine on the island with the fresh fish of the day.

For other information or reservations you can contact us directly at the hotel or by phone / e-mail.